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2012 Airush Varial X


An absolute fusion of two of Airush’s best selling models, the Varial X combines the direct C-kite feel of the Vapor X with the predictability, depower, and 4-line ease of the Varial. Weighing heavily on the acclaim of the Vapor X kite, the Varial X is a true stand-alone kite in a class all by itself, offering massive depower and hybrid C-kite performance in a 4-line kite.

Available 6m 8m 9m 10m 12m



Dedicated to riders who don’t want to be limited to a certain style of riding, the SL-C concept allows the rider to choose the style and discipline of riding as they see fit with a kite that offers limitless possibilities to each and every session.

V3 Bridle System

A triple V connection for the front line bridle supports the canopy, and allows for 100% depower and enables the kite to be steered and controllable when the kite is completely depowered.

Utilizing a series of pulleys, the V3 bridle system allows complete 5-line depower on a 4-line bar. By permitting the front line tow points to rotate forward, the kite can pivot off the front lines into a flat, powerless position when the bar is released in an emergency situation. Extremely useful in self-landing situations, the V3 system maximizes the security of controlled self- landinge SMART bar control system and BRAIN Quick release system.

Target User:
  • Intermediate and advanced riders.
  • Riders looking for C-kite performance with high-depower.
Key Selling Points
  • V3 bridle system.
  • Massive depower.
  • Wide range of use.
  • SLE (style relaunch).
  • Hardcore Construction details.
  • FBI (Fast Bladder Inflation) with anti-kink tubing.
  • Tunable bar pressure options.
Key Performance Features
  • 4-line simplicity.
  • Hybrid C performance.
  • Massive depower.
Compared to the 2010 VARIAL
  • Better unhooked performance.
  • Faster turning.
  • Faster turning speed.
  • More speed throughout the turns.
  • More direct feel on the bar.
Compared to the Lithium
  • More forward steering versus pivotal turning characteristics.
  • Balanced bar sheeting pressure.
  • Flies further forward in the window.
  • Better upwind.


Smart Bar Size