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2011 Airush Access Smart Bar

The 2011 ACCESS SMART Bar is the quintessential high tech bar that today’s riders demand. Designed to be used with the NEW Airush ACCESS short-line kite.

With its debut in 2010, the patent-pending SMART Bar has redefined simplicity, safety and versatility with the first fully adjustable length bar control system, allowing the luxury of maintaining just one bar. A newly designed BRAIN Quick Release System, plenty of fine tuned refinements, and a whole new look, the 2011 SMART Bar is the definitive bar choice for any and all riders.

Amazingly, the Smart Bar fuses these revolutionary new design characteristics with simplistic and highly intuitive features, creating a bar that is highly tunable, safe and easy to use. Compatible with all of our kites, the SMART Bar features a redesigned union center rivet with a larger opening and softer radiuses for reduced wear on the depower line.

With the new 2011 BRAIN Quick Release System, we have engineered the most complete control system to date, offering unmatched performance and absolute simplicity.


Multi-Zone Tuning

  • Rear line tuning option hidden inside the floats
  • Front line tuning options above depower strap
  • Pull/pull sheeting strap
  • Tunable bar throw range

System Features

  • Below-the-bar safety connection
  • Fool proof color coding on bar and lines
  • NEW refined above-the-bar strap depower system
  • NEW smaller anti-flap depower handle guide
  • NEW line splicing system
  • NEW BRAIN push away swivel quick release- easy to reset- easy to cusomize
  • Patent pending adjustable length bar

Bar Features

  • Elastic line holders
  • NEW Increased length floats for positive buoyancy
  • NEW tubing inside the bar – rigid float connection and leader lines protection
  • Re-ride handles on both sides
  • Active removable stopper ball
  • NEW Union rivet solid aluminum center
  • Fully adjustable from 45cm to 55cm
  • Pre-stretched lines 12M (6,3,3) with extensions for 5 custom line lengths

Introducing the 2011 BRAIN Quick Release System the benchmark in safety. Redesigned in a very big way to improve upon the ergonomics, ease of use and functionality of last year’s model while making this core safety component simple, reliable and easy to use. Through careful analysis into pros and cons of all of the available systems on the market today, our design team has created the safest, most compact and user friendly release available.

BRAIN Quick Release System

  • NEW bungee in the release collar for reseating
  • Center safety line with spinable safety leash (suicide with safety connection option)
  • NEW molded safety line guide
  • NEW easy to reset push-away release
  • NEW Teflon disc, easy to swivel
  • NEW Ergonomic swivel top section – easier to hold and turn
  • NEW Compact ergonomic design
  • Auto-orienting QR for unhooked riding

System Features

  • Ergonomic sliding collar that is easy to grab and slide up. Features elastic recoil making resetting on the water easy as 1,2,3.
  • Below the bar swivel that is easy to twist. Its auto oriented shape makes hooking back in a snap.
  • Anti tangle center safety line running trough the QR allows you to spin the bar without spinning your leash. Also adds a new “suicide with safety” option for unhooked riding.
  • Finger friendly and easy to reset stainless pin, keeping you safe and secure.
  • Easily interchangeable loop size enables you to customize your QR to any preference.
  • Removable and swivelable molded locking tube. Easy to remove or move out of the way for unhooked riding.
  • Stainless safety line guide keeps the safety line accessible and easy to clip in and out of.