Lesson Packages

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Heated Chalet Access

Our Gift To You! This is included in ALL lesson packages!

Taking lessons with Aerial Kiteboarding allows you access to our mobile heated bus. This bus is a kiteboarder’s paradise, loaded with comfortable couches, kitchen and stove for warm drinks and food, power for your phone and laptops, and of course lots of heat. This heated mobile chalet will change your Kiteboarding experience and have you feeling comfortable all day long.






Intro water


(Get a taste of kiteboarding!)

You will learn:

  • Basic wind and area awareness and safety
  • Two line trainer kite set-up and packing
  • Trainer kite safety systems
  • Basic steering, and kite control
  • Introduce power strokes required for riding and power
* All lessons subject to weather conditions.


Level 1

Level 1

(Learning the essentials)

You will learn:

  • Basic wind and area awareness and safety
  • 4 line inflatable power kite and line set-up, handling, rigging and packing
  • Kite safety systems, quick-release
  • Steering, kite control, power and de-power systems
  • 1 hand flight control
  • Assisted launching, landing
  • Power management techniques
  • Self Rescue and kite recovery techniques
* All lessons subject to weather conditions.


Level 2

(Let’s get riding!)

You will learn:

  • How to set up your board for riding
  • Placing board on your feet while flying a powered kite
  • How to relaunch your kite on water
  • Body dragging techniques, power strokes and how to get up on your board
  • Proper riding body position and basic riding
  • Rules of the road on the water
  • Wind/Weather effects and what gear you will need.
* All lessons subject to weather conditions.


Level 3

(Becoming a confident kiteboarder)

You will learn:

  • To perfect your kite control skills
  • How to get up and ride in both directions
  • Consistent upwind edging techniques
  • Transitions/turning and stopping
  • What and where to practice next
* All lessons subject to weather conditions.


Advanced Riding

(riding with style)

You will learn:

  • Jumping and spinning
  • Toe side riding and Jibing
  • Switch riding and Riding blind
  • Kite loop and kite loop transition
  • Aerial transition
  • Un-hooked tricks
* All lessons subject to weather conditions.


Riding by the hour

(fast track progression)

You will learn:

  • Power strokes and upwind body dragging
  • Board starts
  • Proper body position and riding upwind
  • Any level 2 or 3 topics in order to further your kiteboarding development
* All lessons subject to weather conditions.

All lessons are subject to availability and weather. Lesson location is subject to change.
To cancel a scheduled lesson, a 48 hour notice is required or a cancellation fee of 50% of the regular lesson cost will be charged.* All buy 1 get 1 50% off offers require the purchase of a full lesson and may not be combined with any other deal, offer or coupon. Please contact us for more details.

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