Kiteboarding in Squamish

The Squamish Spit, at the mouth of the Squamish River, is a world renowned location for Kiteboarding. With its consistent strong wind and clear waters, the spit attracts Kiters from all over North America throughout the summer.
As Squamish is blessed with thermal wind, the conditions are nearly always steady and strong, ideal for all levels or riders. As the Spit was created specifically for Kiteboarders, it allows for great views of all the riders on the water, which enables the spectators to also have a great time and great photos.
For all the riders out there, make sure to dress warm as the water consists primarily or glacier snowmelt. Wetsuits and drysuits (when needed) are provided for all Aerial Kiteboarding lessons and are necessary for all riders.
The best way to ensure a great session is to check the forecast before making the drip down. To catch the perfect day it should be cooler in Vancouver than Squamish and cooler in Squamish than Whistler. If it is a sunny and clear day in Squamish and Whistler, chances are it will be an unforgettable day at The Spit.
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Water and Land Kiting in Manitoba

Throughout the summer months there are many great ways to take advantage of our prairie winds. Often having 3 to 4 days of great wind in a row, gives us the opportunity to head to the and ride the water all day long. There are many different spots for kiting around Lake Manitoba and Lake Winnipeg that are as close to 30 minutes away from the city and provide us with great locations to launch, land, ride and chill on the beach.
As well as water kiting, you can also take advantage of the wind anywhere with land-boarding. With a mountain board or a buggy you can ride in any open area and have a great time!

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Snow Kiting in Manitoba

Snowkiting is another amazing way to enjoy the wind with kites. From frozen lakes and rivers to snow-filled mountains and fields – this sport delivers amazing adventure and adrenaline.
Despite the cold weather, Winnipeg’s skies are among the clearest in Canada and Winnipeg enjoys much sunny weather all year round. Snow depths of greater than 1 cm are seen on about 132 days each year in Winnipeg. Winnipeg has a windy climate, which it owes to its prairie location. There are few natural barriers to prairie winds, allowing them to sweep down from the Arctic in wintertime. Although Winnipeg endures lower winter temperatures, it also benefits from the radiant heating from the sun.
Have you ever dreamed of cruising up a hill, instead of down it? Ever wanted to ride all day long never stopping to ride a chairlift? Have you looked across flat powder fields and thought to yourself, “what a waste of snow…”?
Snowkiting answers all of these questions and even opens up more opportunities to explore. All you need is a good breeze of wind and a power kite and you’ll be ready. Snowkiting is the fastest growing winter sport, and with good reason, it is so much fun!