Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is kiteboarding easy?

A: Yes and No. It’s a very technical sport and with the proper instruction, you could be riding within on lesson, but you will hit some frustrating patches where learning takes longer. Kiteboarding is progression, one of those sports you always get better at and learn new things every session.

Q: Do I have to live near the ocean to kiteboard?

A: Absolutely Not. The only thing you need to kiteboard is the right equipment and wind. People rip on lakes, rivers, snowfields, grass fields and even in the desert.

Q: How old do you have to be to Kiteboard?

A: The minimum age we will accept for riders is 8. The maximum is 75! As you can see this sport is open to a very wide age range and is mostly dependent on the riders comfort level and desire to learn and have fun!

Q: Can I teach myself?

A: Learning on your own can be dangerous. Learning the proper kite skills and the many safety features of the kites will allow you to kiteboard safely. In addition, teaching yourself can be frustrating and often leads to bad habits. Self-taught riders often damage their kites while learning and as a result spend more money in the long run then they would on lessons. Lastly, their are many different kite companies however few produce quality performance kites. Having the opportunity to spend time with an experiences rider will provide you with better knowledge about kiteboarding equipment.

Q: I have a buddy who kiteboards. Why don’t I just learn from him?

A: Kiteboarding can be frustrating and even dangerous when taught by an untrained and non-certified instructor as well as time consuming. A good school works with hundreds of students every year, and will get you riding quickly and safely.

Q: What will I need to bring for my lesson?

A: For your lessons you will need to bring  a warm winter coat that is preferably long enough to cover most of your midsection and snow pants. You also need to bring many layers of clothes in order to wear underneath your winter gear as well as any necessary gear to keep your feet, hands and head warm. For riding lessons snowboard or skis are required. If you do not own a pair, Aerial Kiteboarding can provide  snowboard or skis rentals at no additional cost. A sizing booking prior to your lesson is required.

Q: What does Aerial Kiteboarding provide me with?

A: You will be provided with an trained & certified instructor, a kite, bar and lines, harness,  helmet and any other teaching tools required for your lesson.

Q: What happens if I have a lesson booked and there is no wind that day or if the wind stops during my lesson?

A: AK always asks the student for a check in call the morning of your lesson, if the forecast doesn’t look promising the lesson is called off and rescheduled for a later date. If the wind dies during the lesson or the lesson needs to be called off by the instructor for any reason, the hours remaining will be done at a later date or time.

Q: What time do lessons start?

A: Our scheduled lesson hours are 8:00AM, 10:30AM, 1:00PM, 3:30PM, 7 days a week! Later in the season we are opening our night classes that start at 5:30PM.

Q: Where does Aerial Kiteboarding operate?

A: Aerial Kiteboarding has a retail store location at 2 Donald Street Unit A, Winnipeg, MB (Inside Gord’s Ski and Bike)

If you would like to make a purchase at our storefront, please call or email ahead to set up an appointment with a representative.

Our field location for lessons is located at Lee Blvd. Location is subject to change depending on weather conditions.

Q: Are there any other fees?

A: During your lesson there are no additional fees . If you choose to come back and kite you can rent equipment or bring your own. If you bring your own gear, there is a $15 admission fee in order to pay for the construction and maintenance of the park. If you rent equipment this cost is included.

A kiteboard pass includes access to rails and sliders, heated mobile chalet, and instructors at a distance to keep an eye on your well being.

Q: How do I book a lesson?

A: Lesson payments can be done through our website by going to the lessons page. To book your lesson date, email us at or contact us by phone at 1 204.688.8FUN (8386).